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Summer sun fun

The kids are out of school and home for the summer. Mom's and dad's are trying to figure out things to keep the kids busy along with keeping their work schedules as well. This can be a challenge for many but it doesn't have to. Skip the pricey camps and check out what is going on in your community. Many local parks, recreational departments and local schools provide free or low priced fun events, activites and special camps made especially for the children and teenagers in the surrounding areas during the time school is not in session. Check out your local libraries. Most libraries have a special bulletin board that the community uses to advertise events, special classes, clubs or groups for all kinds of different fun. . Check online for community calandars by your city or location. Take a little time and investigate what fun awaits! Kids are always welcome at our BigHeaded Fitness events! We at BigHeaded Fitness believe in family and community and where that starts is at home. Healthy and active families that play together are more productive and happier!

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