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Serve it Up! I feel so guilty sometimes just looking at my plate! Secretly in my heart, I believe food is a doorway to a great everything! A social event, a great party, a cultural festivity, you name it! Food brings people to one accord, at least for the food. To make my life easier, I have a sweet tooth out of this freaking frickty-frackty world! Just thinking out loud, feels like intervention for someone so connected to food! Finally, I get on my a-game and start mentally planning how to avoid the stares I get from the chocolate donuts and crappy food. Nevertheless, there is a reward for hard working associates awaiting me in the break room. "I just killed myself in the gym!" I mean Kilt!" When you end with a t, it means close to dead! So, that's what it boils down to. I can eat the donut and kill my workout tomorrow again to recover from yesterday's temptations! This brings up the 80/20 rule. I know I can have a donut if I want to have one. However, eating as many as I care to eat does nothing for the hour I've spent in the gym 5 days a week! Eighty percent of it is what you eat! Did I mention that I love food? To be continued....

Tye C.

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