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January is here!are you ready to tackle your goals??

With the 2019 knocking on our doors the question remains, are you ready for the new goals and renewal of all those old goals you didn't tackle last year? BigHeaded Fitness LLC is here to help with those new and old (unaccomplished) goals! The new schedule is filled with great Studio CLasses, Bootcamps and JogLog Running Club Sessions to pick from. We have added even more classes and 2 new formats to help crush January in top style. BigHeaded Fitness is not your average Fitness Studio or Box Style Gym and we love working with and being involved in the community. Changes are for everyone, not just people with money to spend or a quick fix. Chekout the schedule for classes, bootcamps and club times and formats and for more events this month checkout the events page on the website.

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BigHeaded Fitness is a team of nationally certified and insured Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Sport Coaches and Nutritional consultants. With over 25 years of experience in the industry.  We care about your personal goals, fitness goals, sport conditioning goals, corrective exercise assistance and nutritional needs.  Please take a moment to send us a few lines in our email box, check out our events page to join in on some of our community fun or book a time and date with us for a personal consultation or session. We also offer special group classes and events for you and friends, family or personal fitness parties. If you like to talk with others about goals, support or just see what is going on in the BigHeaded Members community take a moment to become a BigHeaded Fitness member for free and then check out the blog page.