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Idiot proof/proof of an idiot

Ever walk into a gym facility hoping to grab your favorite dumbbell, station or whatever it is that makes your blood pump? Go for your dream machine, "whoops!", here's this new guy who's been stealing it everyday now! Minor or Major? It's major!!! I happen to be laughing my butt off right now going through this spill, it's my experience quite often. Now buddy over here , is in my corner jumping around like Woody Wood Pecker's little beak ! Exhale! Maybe your favorite spot is snugly , comfy, and simply perfect for your routine, but it it idiot proof? Proof that an idiot has probably been in your spot just jerking off with friends for your entire workout! If that's not agonizing enough, dropping the heavy weights on the ground like the coconut won't break! Whatever it is, don't waste your precious workout waiting for your place in the world! You're in luck! Routine workouts can become sort of a pit stop! Can you Spell P L A T E A U? Our bodies adapt pretty quickly to any repetitious activity over a 3 to 6 week span! Bigheaded-oinkers!!! Get over the corner and move on like a champ! Switch gears and sing that song Taken for a Fool!

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